Saturday, 16 March 2013

Flavour of the Week

On a cold and windy evening last week we decided to meet for supper at International Flavours. We had heard so many great things about the restaurant we decided we had to give it a shot. Having met after busy afternoons, we were both quite hungry and excited to see what this local Pakistani restaurant had to offer. We walked into the restaurant, located behind the Sheraton Hotel, and took a seat by the window. The restaurant features a cozy and casual setting, not unlike a kitchen around the bay (quite a departure from eating Jigg's dinner though!). Point blank: the meal was delicious. On the day we went, the menu consisted of two options: a vegetarian or meat rice curry (medium for $9.99, large $10.99) as well as a delicious option of Naan bread for $2.00 (8 pieces). Unfortunately, we were too late to take advantage of the samosas ($1.75/each) so make sure to go early if you want a taste! On the day we went, the meat option was chicken and we each ordered one. The warm, spicy and flavourful meals consisted of a plate filled to the edges with lentil dahl, chicken curry with basmati rice, vegetables including broccoli and mini carrots, a little bit of greek yogurt and a hot pepper. This is a great spot for lunch or a casual dinner that offers fast, friendly service. Be prepared and go hungry as you will be full when you leave! 

International Flavours is located at 4 Quidi Vidi Road, St. John’s, NL. It is open for lunch and dinner from 12:00-7:00p.m Tuesday through Saturday. The restaurant also does take out orders and has a wide variety of spices and herbs for sale if you want to try your hand at these yummy dishes!

Jess & Em

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